Daydreamer £150    Acrylic on board



Hopping about amongst the flowers!…..

Monoprint background with painted acrylic blackbird and summer blooms….


This is a lovely painting….a blackbird amongst the Autumn leaves and foliage

This is a monoprint with etched leaves printed on top of it and then painted on top with acrylic paint….A one off painting that was inspired by the Autumn around me in the garden….



Run Rabbit, Run rabbit, run, run, run……£150 Acrylic on board framed in Ash  SOLD


Run Rabbit……….£150 Acrylic on board framed in Ash  SOLD


Hare in the snow…..£150 Acrylic on board framed in Ash  SOLD


‘Gliding About amongst the Snowflakes…..’ £450   1 Only

Large framed etching with painted background and vintage mother of pearl buttons framed in Ash…..lovely one off painting for a bird lover!….


Plodding about amongst the snowflakes…£480   1 only

Framed etching with a painted background and vintage carved mother of pearl

buttons used for snowlakes in substantial ash frame with white mount