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All items ship within the UK only. If you would like to buy something and you are overseas, please get in contact with me. 


Black Cat…..etching –  £58
mounted and backed onto cardboard
Image size 20 x 29cm                                                                                                         

Cats card pack…..4 cards wrapped in cellophane….lovely gift for any cat lover! £12



Wild Cat…… £90 …..This is a one off print made up of my wild cat etching on a printed Garden print background….hot summer colours and big orange eyes!…

Sniffing at the Stars! £158 – 1 available
Collagraph print with painted acrylic detailing….comes mounted ready to frame
Looks great framed!

A penguin

‘Plodding About……’ £90
(unframed, etching, only one of this exact print,  backed onto cardboard )


21/30 ‘Dashing  About…’ Full sized chicken on a mission! £120  – SOLD Can be ordered
Mounted and backed onto cardboard Image size 39 x 29cm

Shag etching

Shag Etching…’Line Dancing About…!’ £70 – SOLD Can be ordered                                                                                                                                                                       Full sized shag print…
his wings are full of texture…
print is embossed into the paper



‘Posing About’ Cockerel limited edition etching with vintage carved mother of pearl buttons….£120 –
SOLD but a similar one can be made…..Image size 42 x 19cm

Mounted and backed onto cardboard                                                                                 

‘Daydreamer’…….Limited edition etching 63/175….£60 This etching has beads in the center of some flowers to add texture and colour


‘Dog Tired!……’ Limited edition etchings of a Lurcher type dog….’ £60
– 1 available mounted and backed onto cardboard

‘Cool Cat!….’ £39 – fat cat off on a mission!….
Limited edition etching
Cool Cat £39 (…) 


‘Floral Feline’ Limited Edition Etching £90…..this is a one of a kind print as it is presented on a garden print and has vintage mother of pearl buttons sew in the centre of some flowers to echo the colours in the background- mounted and backed onto cardboard
Floral Feline  £90 (…) 


Taking time to smell the flowers….!

Etching on monoprint background with etched flowers

This is a one off picture not to repeated!

Image size 32 x 67cm     This is a really lovely print!….

Giraffe print  £190 (…) 


Wild Cat! Etching with mother of pearl buttons    £70 image size 16 x 30cm

Floral Feline  £70 (…)