About me

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In 1993 I started an evening class in printmaking in Sheffield, and even though I was printing for only 2 hours a week on a converted mangle, I knew I was hooked!  Around 1995 I started to use the jewellery skills I had gained during my degree, to cut into my metal plates in ways that would enhance the finished print by embossing the whole shape of the image into the paper.

A lot of my images are comical interpretations of birds and animals I see around me or out of my imagination…I want people to smile when they see my work…I aim to cause a happy reaction in people!

My work is very colourful, full of pattern and texture that flows through the bodies of my creations.  I over etch my lines and drill holes in my plates which allows the ink and paper to be pressed into these, resulting in ink and patterns that stand out in relief and add an almost touchable quality…